The “Port-Gate” non-issue.

The Verifrank blog is right on! (again!) The port deal is important to the success of the Iraq liberation.

 Verifrank fires up his time machine!

There are new banking methods and ideas for propery title under Sharia law coming from the UAE. Ideas that will be of paramount importance to creating a sustainable econemy in Iraq and eventually the entire middle east area.

Charles at LGF seemed concerned about the port deal (although he never really weighed in himself). The LGF commentors were just on fire about it at first although it seems as if cooler heads are prevailing in the end.

When will the Antique Media stop adding “Gate” to every supposed scandal they try to dig up (or make up)?

Update: Liberal Larry weighs in on the issue … Bush Sells Port Security to Highest Bidder Larry is just a wildman!

Update: Well Charles at LGF has weighed in and while I agree that the U.S. must exercise caution, we shouldn’t sacrifice this deal on the alter of public opinion just because it looks a little blemished on the surface.

Cox and Forkum

Update: Cox and Forkum provide a much needed laugh, but also post some good info and linkage…



  1. No fight intended, there are always people who want to shout and post hype just for effect. There are a bunch more on LGF these days then there used to be.


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