Convert a billion tons of agricultural waste into domestic fuel

This is the fuel alternative that we are waiting for. Brazil buys NO foreign oil. Wouldn’t it be cool to say the same about the U.S.?

Can fungi trim the gasoline habit?

President George W. Bush reiterated that he wants to wean the United States off its “addiction” to imported oil, partly by funding research into new methods of producing ethanol — a fuel currently made in North America mostly from corn kernels and in Brazil from sugar cane juice.

Filamentous fungi and other microbes can be bred to break down an array of feedstocks, including wood chips, corn stalks and switch grass, that require no fertilizer and less input than traditional sources of the fuel…

…the biggest factors supporting the growth of an ethanol derived from native grasses and crop waste is that the science to make it is already within reach, and cars that burn it are already on the road.

This is an idea whose time has come.