Microsoft Releases Enterprise Vista Beta

Here’s hoping that this is finally a stable version that actually has all of the buttons, tabs, and property sheets included. At least you can finally create a folder! (For those of you that don’t know, creating a folder was a missing Windows Vista function until recently).

Microsoft Releases Enterprise Vista Beta
Walaika K. Haskins,

Microsoft has released the first beta version of its Windows Vista operating system that incorporates all the fundamental capabilities the software company expects to ship in the final release of the OS later this year.

Although this release of Vista likely will be the last that contains major additions, future CTP releases will focus on fine-tuning problems, industry experts said.

“We still take feedback, and there are still design change requests that are put in, and it is possible to see some features come and go,” Mike Burk, Windows Client division product manager, was quoted in news reports as saying.