The Antique Media Tells us T.V. is GOOD for kids! Really!

The MSM continues to try to slow its rapid decline in credibility and shrinking viewer-ship & reader-ship. 


By using traditional “Media Spin” of course! 

Study Finds Test Scores Not Lowered by Television 

Does television rot children’s brains? A new study by two economists from the University of Chicago taps into a trove of data from the 1960’s to argue that when it comes to academic test scores, parents can let children watch TV without fear of future harm. 

Elizabeth A. Vandewater, associate professor of human development at the University of Texas and director of the Center for Research on Interactive Technology, Television and Children, praised the new study for adding “more evidence that television is not uniformly evil or bad,” but said that it ignored “a host of evidence that shows that content matters a lot.” 

She said that “there is a huge body of evidence that educational television” can be good for children, as well as strong evidence that “violent content is related to antisocial aggressive behavior.”

But many parents routinely ignore that warning. Average TV viewing among 2- to 5-year-olds — the youngest viewers tracked by Nielsen Media Research — crept up to 3 hours and 40 minutes a day in the 2004-5 TV season. A host of cable channels have are dedicated to the tiniest viewers. [sic] 

Wow look at that grammar! But all that T.V Watching had nothing to do with the inability to actually write … the author is simply suffering from JPD syndrome (Just Plain Dumb!) 

Never mind that the numbers are from a period (1950s to 1960s) before the NEA “modern” “progressive” teaching methods had been introduced. In the 50s and 60s children were required to actually have learned the scholastic material before getting passed to the next grade. 

So while the T.V. influence may not be as bad as we thought when combined with traditional teaching, where is the study that demonstrates the combination of “Modern” teaching methods combined with the puerile nonsense that passes for entertainment programming (and even “Educational” Programming for that matter) on T.V. these days?