Stem Cells … Still all sizzle but no steak

Other than as a pro abortion talking point and strawman (“unwanted fetuses could save lives!”), has stem cell therepy actually worked in any way for anything in human studies?

Stem cell boost fails to help heart patients

A study published in 2005 involving 20 heart attack survivors and another one in the same year involving 50 such patients both suggested that boosting stem cell levels could lead to improved heart function.

But the lack of proper randomisation and the small number of patients involved in such trials warranted follow-up studies

Ahhhh in other words they fudged the data to get the results that they wanted. How very “Scientific” of those researchers.

Update: Lest anyone forget, Faked data in Stem Cell Research is not new…

Can stem cell research recover from Woo Suk Hwang?  

In the fledgling world of embryonic stem cells, where Woo Suk Hwang of Seoul National University once took the field by storm, scientists who had faltered behind him are just now realizing why: his data were faked.