Feedom of speech under attack … (yet again)

 Boing Boing Falls Victim to a Content Filter

THERE are lots of ways to describe Boing Boing, the Web’s obliquely subtitled “Directory of Wonderful Things,” which draws millions of eyeballs to its relentless, stylistically minimalist scroll of high-weirdness each month.

It is a site where, on Saturday morning, there were links to video games that “subvert post-industrial capitalism,” federal legislation aimed at digital radio technology, a guitar made out of a toilet seat and a new species of brown shark.

But nudity?

“Access denied by SmartFilter content category,” was the message a Halliburton engineer in Houston said he received last Wednesday when he tried to visit BoingBoing.net from his office computer. “The requested URL belongs to the following categories: Entertainment/Recreation/Hobbies, Nudity.”

So I will add Boing Boing to my list ‘o links.


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