Soon to come, BlueRay/HD-DVD +/- R/RW DVD-RAM ?

You would think that optical vendors would have learned their lesson with the alphabet soup formats that we have now for CDs and DVDs … Guess not!

hddvdbluray.jpgCeBIT: Blu-ray Backer LG Prepares Competing HD-DVD Drive

Blu-ray Disc backer hedges bets on new optical-disc format.

The move makes LG the latest Blu-ray Disc supporter to shift its position. In late 2005 Hewlett-Packard said it would also support HD-DVD. LG stressed that its main support still lies with Blu-ray Disc, but that it’s working on an HD-DVD player in case that format proves popular.

At present it’s difficult to pick a likely winner in the battle. Both sides trumpet their technology as superior to the competition, but all of the pieces are yet to be put in place. For example, issues such as region coding are yet to be decided and details are still being worked out on copy protection and other issues that could have an impact on user preference.


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