Cyborg Insect Soldiers in the Future?

Insect ‘cybug’ plan hatched

US defence researchers are all abuzz about the possibilities of recruiting an insect army capable of being controlled remotely to perform military operations.

The Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has already envisaged a wide range of users for such an army of “cybugs”, but is seeking outside expertise to help it overcome some of the more challenging technical hurdles.

The plan is to integrate tiny micro-computer systems into a range of insects during the early stages of their lives when they are still pupa. As the insect progresses from one metamorphic stage to the next DARPA hopes the components could be designed to bond in a bio-electromechanical way with their internal organs.

Wow … Imagine giant swarms of smart ants with bad attitudes. Or worse yet smart bees … or wasps! The mind boggles!