Google gets slapped … That’s gotta hurt!

Amazon switches to Microsoft from Google

Microsoft Corp. scored an important win against rival Google Inc. over the weekend, as began using its technology to power the Internet retailer’s A9 search unit.

Microsoft’s new Windows Live is at the core of the company’s efforts to win online advertising dollars away from Google Inc. and Yahoo Inc. (Nasdaq:YHOO – news). A9 had previously been powered by Google.

Yahoo dumps Google and signs with microsoft. You can bet the Google lawyers will sue Microsoft now.

Here’s why Google may sue…

Google Concerned About Microsoft Browser

Google Inc. is hoping to pressure Microsoft Corp. into changing a new Internet Explorer browser feature that could direct more people to Microsoft’s online search engine instead of Google’s far more popular offering.

Google has informally complained to U.S. and European antitrust regulators about what it says are biased settings on Microsoft’s latest Web browser, marking the latest spat between two companies whose business models are increasingly bumping up against one another.

Though Google will try to make Microsoft the boogieman, it might be that Google’s recent past is catching up with them.

I use clusty

UPADTE: The Guardian noticed the irony too. (about google’s antitrust complaints)

Google’s attempt to use the US and European legal systems for competitive advantage — a trick also used by the failing Netscape — seems to have attracted more than a little derision. Many comments suggest Google is using double standards, epecially since it uses its own browser — since that’s basically what Firefox is, now — in the same way.

UPDATE 2: raving lunacy has the funniest observation:

IE7 Arrives and Google whines….

Really Marissa, you need either adult supervision, or a dose of reality. Microsoft has had MSN as it’s default search engine for years. Did you just fall off the turnip truck? You would be much better served evangelizing FireFox than becoming the internet idiot of the day.


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