Barbarians at our electronic gates

Spammers are getting much more aggressive these days.

Spammers turn on antispam vigilantes An effort to force spammers to stop soliciting certain e-mail addresses went bad on Monday, after at least one spammer began sending large volumes of unsolicited e-mail to members of a “Do Not Spam” list run by Israeli firm Blue Security.

In recent days, e-mail users who had registered for Blue Security’s “Do Not Intrude” list have instead been the target of a spam campaign and received extortion e-mail messages threatening to continue the campaigns unless the users remove their name from the Do Not Intrude registry, according to CEO Eran Reshef.

The message claims that Blue Security is “not playing fair,” and that members can only avoid spam messages by removing their name from the Blue Security list.

Read the rest, but it will make you mad.

Then there are the Cyber Jihadists, who have been launching DOS attacks against bloggers lately. They hit TypePad, Hosting Matters, LiveJournal, TypeKey,, and They probably attacked more hosts, but that is the confirmed hit list so far.

Michelle Malkin has some screenshots and details here.
Says Michelle:

“Last week, cyberjihadists targeted Hosting Matters blogs twice in apparent retaliation for provocative photos posted by Hosting Matters blog Aaron’s CC. Over 100 blogs went down.”

There is also comment spam, where the spam is entered into the comment section of a Blog, or forum. The comment spam causes a chilling effect by forcing Webmasters to turn on moderation for comments. People are less likely to comment if they don’t get the instant gratification of seeing the post appear right away.

And of course the fake Blog that is spam in and of itself! There is one here on WP for Acne Treatment. I’m not linking to it!

Will it ever stop? How about slow down?


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