Nanotech, More Fear Mongering

Believe it or not, at one time scientific advancement was seen as a POSITIVE thing.

Industry urged to be open about nano testing

Scientists urged industry on Thursday to disclose how it conducts safety tests for products containing nanoparticles.

The Royal Society, an academy of leading scientists, said a new inventory shows that 200 consumer products such as laptops, cosmetics and stain-resistant clothing use nanotechnology.

“We are calling for industry to put the methods they use to test the safety of products containing free nanoparticles, such as some cosmetics, into the public domain because this is one particular area where there is some uncertainty about safety,” said Professor Ann Dowling of the Royal Society.

Nevermind that most of the “200 products” do not actually use true “Nanotech” but DO use scientific sounding words in the MARKETING of those products. But Forget that…

Much of the fear mongering that goes on is based on so called “studies” based on “What If” about Nanotechnological Concepts that do not exist in real life. Star Trek conventioneers are sober compaired to some of the whacky scenarieos dreamed up by the Nanotech Fear Community

Look for the usual suspects to be following the leader of the charge against Nanotechnology advancement, (drum roll….) The Main Stream Media!