Sony promotes the XBox 360

By announcing PS3 pricing that puts the Sony console a full $200 dollars more than a comparable XBox 360, Sony gives Microsoft a marketing gift.

200 bucks more than the XB360 … will it be worth it?

Sony Announces PlayStation 3 Pricing

A PS3 model with a 20GB HDD will retail for USD $499 USD, while a 60GB version will set the gamer back $599 USD. However, it’s likely that most gamers will opt for the more expensive console, as the basic model is missing several key features.

The $499 version will not include MemoryStick, SD, and CompactFlash ports, as well as wireless networking. Additionally, no HDMI support is provided with the low-end model, which will cripple its compatibility with high-definition televisions.

I will buy one, only because I am an avowed Vidiot!

But I bought a TurboGraphx 16 (didn’t last long) All of the Sega Consoles including a Sega Saturn (dropped months after initial release). A 3DO (it was hard to even find games).

So the PS3 won’t be my first time risking a lot of money on what could very well turn out to be a Dead Console in short order.

Update: some more commentary…

It’s by no means “Game Over” for Sony here, but I remember 3DO, NEO GEO, CDi, and the Sega Saturn all of which suffered from price based marketing problems that led the eventual demise of those systems.

It all comes down to price compared to performance. If you can buy your kids (or yourself) an XBox 360 and three or four games for the same price as the PS3 with no games, and you find that the majority of games are available for both consoles with similar game play quality, it is definitely worth considering the lower priced console. Especially during the holidays when you are trying to stretch those holiday dollars.

In fact “Price to Performance” has been one of the reasons that the PS2 was able to slay the Sega dragon (in addition to other Sega missteps) and subsequently has been a large factor in the PS2’s ability to stay competitive with the original XBox which was arguably a higher performing system with more advanced features such as Ethernet, and a hard disk.

Additionally, keep in mind that the price point at which Sony has positioned it’s newest console is a point at which you can also seriously consider purchasing a halfway decent budget computer.



  1. Actually in the marketing world it does a few things not just that, yes it does make the xbox 360 look alittle bit more tempting in a sense of being cheaper. However at the same time consumers look at price defining better technology. So some might look at the fact that 1. the Ps3 is comming out with a higher price tag and 2. think of the fact that its comming out a year later. Putting the two together a consumer would think that it is superior technology. Microsoft will have to keep their game faces on. Sony isnt out of the game just because they have a higher price.

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