DMCA Attack Unleashed Over Hacked XBox360s

This is just disgusting

Calif. man pleads guilty to Xbox tampering

A co-owner of a Hollywood video game store that caters to celebrity clients on Wednesday pleaded guilty to participating in a conspiracy to violate federal copyright laws by selling
Xbox video game consoles modified to play pirated games.

Jones, reached at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), said he does not know how to modify an Xbox and that he pleaded guilty to the broad set of charges in order to reach an agreement with prosecutors.

“I don’t know how to modify a f—ing Xbox,” Jones said. He added that performing such modifications requires significant training and that the prevalence of such tampering has not reached epidemic proportions.

A third defendant, Pei “Patrick” Cai — who allegedly made the modifications to Microsoft Corp.’s (Nasdaq:MSFT – news) original video game console to allow users to copy rented or borrowed games onto the console for future play — has missed his court appearances and the government considers him a fugitive. (Back to China? ed.)

Cai is charged with conspiracy, two felony violations of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act — which prohibits trafficking in technology designed to circumvent digital copyright protection technology — copyright infringement and copyright infringement for profit.

The whole DMCA, crippling playback, and laws restricting modification of hardware that you OWN seems like an extremely regressive trend.