Kerry Opens Mouth and Inserts Foot

Kerry gets screwed by bloggers after they publish his “Off the record” comments.

Here is the link to the lefty blogger that betrayed Kerry … with friends like that, who needs enemies?

Failed presidential candidate John Kerry blasted President Bush on Thursday as a “criminal” who has been “looting the country.”

The Massachusetts Democrat offered the incendiary comments during an off the record meeting with liberal bloggers after a speech in Los Angeles to the Pacific Council on International Policy.

According to the Web site L.A. Observed, Kerry asked the bloggers to keep his comments confidential; a request they apparently dismissed out of hand without telling him.

I guess that Kerry didn’t mean what he said until he said he meant it, but may no longer really mean exactly what he said which he may have never really meant to begin with.

Isn’t that how the Kerry debate strategy goes?…