Scientists Will Attempt To Clone Human Embryos

I love the first paragraph of this story. As it’s something that has also concerned me for several years. I’ve blogged about Fraudulent Stem Cell “Science” both here and here.

Stepping into a research area marked by controversy and fraud, Harvard University scientists said Tuesday they are trying to clone human embryos to create stem cells they hope can be used one day to help conquer a host of diseases.

They will use private funding, so all the crying and gnashing of teeth over some so called “chilling effect” and/or “elimination of research programs” due to lack of federal funding was really just “much ado about nothing”.

Now, using private money to get around the federal financing ban, the Harvard researchers are joining the international effort to produce stem cells from cloned human embryos.

With private funding I anticipate tighter control over the scientific data gathered and the reporting of results garnered during this research. But be sure to maintain a healthy skepticism regarding embryonic stem cell research no matter who is providing funding.

The Stem Cell scientific arena is still overrun with hucksters and charlatans.

I wonder how many other fields of scientific research are just as polluted with frauds swindlers and liars but still manage to slip agitprop under the public’s radar and still have it called “science”?

Global Warming research results come to mind…