Bush Rocks Out to U2

I don’t know if this is pro or anti Bush, and I don’t really care.

It’s just cool!

Anti I think, because it’s an anti war song.

Still cool…



The lyrics are a nonpartisan condemnation of the historic bloodshed in Ireland. Politics is not something you want to discuss in Ireland.

Bono used to introduce this at concerts by saying: “This is not a rebel song.”

Bono started writing this with political lyrics condemning the Irish Republican Army (the IRA), a militant group dedicated to getting British troops out of Northern Ireland. He changed them to point out the atrocities of war without taking sides.

While performing this, Bono would wave a white flag as a call for peace.

Bono was trying to contrast the 1972 Bloody Sunday massacre with Easter Sunday, a peaceful day Protestants and Catholics both celebrate.

U2 recorded this in Denver for their Rattle And Hum movie on November 8, 1987. It was the same day as the Enniskillen massacre, where 13 people in Northern Ireland were killed by a bomb detonated by the Irish Republican Army (the IRA). Angered by these events, U2 gave a very emotional performance.

Check the songfacts.com site for more facts about the song itself…