Magic Nano Has No Nano!

Why can’t the MSM understand this point? Check out this “News” from the Los Angeles Times. That article was again reprinted verbatim by the Arkansas Gazette yesterday.

The story just won’t die!

The author hyperventilates over something that was a non issue from the beginning. Even though he acknowledges that the initial report about Magic Nano was much ado about nothing, he still feels the need to present the entire shopping list of fears regarding Nano Technology (whether real or fabricated). This vacuous fear mongering over almost all forms of technology by MSM outlets is simply relentless. And tiresome.


Once again Technological fear mongering has caused a panic over a product in which the only thing “NANO’ that can possibly be associated with it is in the product’s marketing! How much NanoTechnology do you think is incorporated into an iPod NANO?

(Hint: The answer is NONE).

Hat Tip NanoTech | Buzz

No nano in Magic Nano

The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) in Berlin has confirmed that ‘Magic Nano,’ the protective glass and bathroom sealant that was recalled in late March in Germany after causing severe breathing problems for some consumers, did not contain any nanoparticles, according to a report in Small Times:

Expect more of the same for some time to come.

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