CNBC’s amazing clickfraud video

CNBC’s amazing clickfraud video

Google hopes to sweep the entire clickfraud debate under the rug with their bogus class action settlement attempt next Monday. The “settlement” doesn’t give a single penny to people ripped off by Google, and Google doesn’t admit any wrongdoing.

Several articles have called this the most fraudulently contrived settlement in legal history…

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Update: Yes I know that CNBCs video sucks. Just keep trying different browsers until one works.



  1. Bob2001, I’m not a Google hater, but I am a fraud hater.

    Science and technical fraud, be it in research results, or business dealings act as an anchor slowing down progress.

    The Google Click Fraud problem is a very real problem and it looks like the Google boys are going to get away with what amounts to a legalized form of robbery.

    I have linked to * a time or two. It can be pretty funny, although he tends to hyperventilate quite often.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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