Garage Games Announces Torque Game Builder

GarageGames on Wednesday announced the release of two new tools to make it easier for people with an idea to create their own games: Torque Game Builder and Torque Game Builder Pro. Both are available for Mac
OS X and Windows, with prices starting at $100.

Torque Game Builder features tools for making animated sprites, flexible tiles, a special effects system, collision detection, physics and hardware-accelerated 2D rendering. Editors help you manage interface creation, effects, tiles, level building and packaging.

The software is primarily designed for 2D game creation, though GarageGames notes that you can create “pseudo-3D games” akin to Civilization using the software as well.

“Much the same way that anyone can pick up an instrument and learn to play music, we want them to be able to pick up one of our engines and learn to make games,” said GarageGames President Mark Frohnmayer in a statement. “Torque Game Builder goes a long way towards making that a reality.”

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