Opera Version 9 released and reviewed

Opera 9 is available here and has been available as a free product for quite some time. Opera is more than just “worth the download”. Check out the review below for a peek at some of the features. Opera 9 improves on more than just added features, they have improved performance (which suffered some in version 8 when compaired to version 7 which had been quicker and more efficient).

There are also some little things that I just love about Opera…like “paste and go” (right click context menu). When I use FireFox or IE I really notice it’s absence. Some of the more esoteric features include “Mouse Gestures” and the “Magic Wand”.

Complete Opera 9 Review
This review of Opera 9 covers nearly every feature included in Opera including BitTorrent and IRC. Opera is put up against Firefox and uTorrent with very interesting results. Includes screenshots of Opera in action.

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