The Palestinians do want peace.

The Palestinians do want peace and they’re the only ones working for it. Here’s why…

Their plan was to coerce Israel into taking on the authoritative cultural roles their society expects of them but unfortunately, for the cause of Peace, their strategy has been, so far, unsuccessful. At first they figured if they stoned the Israelis, Israel would finally hammer them into conflict- ending submission. That’s all it usually takes in other Arab countries. But that didn’t work with the Jews. They then tried to shoot at Israelis and planted bus bombs, hoping all along for a devastating response that would put an end to their national stultification. Again, their effort failed. Jews just didn’t seem to effectively retaliate, even when their women and children were killed.

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This was not what I expected to read at all. Very interesting point of view. Those who possess delicate sensibilities and can’t withstand intellectual challenges like this will be offended within the first paragraph.

Expect this to be buried immediately by the mob of vacuous over-sensitive progressives constantly haunting Digg. (well that goes for the internet in general for that matter…)

It’s too bad that the point of the article is predestined to be sacrificed on the alter of political correctness. Because it is extremely thought provoking

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