XBox 360 tops 60% Attach Rate for XBox Live service

Xbox Live Hits 60% Attach As New Details Revealed

With Sony still only talking about what’s going to happen with its PlayStation online service, Microsoft took its opportunity to remind developers just how well Xbox Live is performing

The attach rate for Xbox Live amongst Xbox 360 users – a massive 60 percent, which is a huge increase over the 10 percent gained by the original Xbox.

Two key drivers of this growth will continue to be Xbox Live Marketplace and Arcade.

Used by 75 percent of connected users, Marketplace has handled over 30 million downloads; a figure that’s jumped significantly over the past couple months as features such as the ability to queue downloads, or have them operating in the background, have been added.

Meanwhile, over on Arcade (which is used by 65 percent of connected users), over five million games have been downloaded. Conversion rates between free content and paid for downloads currently averages around 21 percent, with top games such as Geometry Wars and Uno up at 50 percent, while the lowest conversion rate is around 10 percent.

These numbers are massive! They absolutely blow the most optimistic projections away.

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