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Microarchitecture now expected at the end of this month, early tests from Tom’s Hardware Guide are lending credence to Intel’s claim that it has regained the advantage in the race for best CPU performance per watt of energy. In advance of Intel’s release announcement, AMD has mounted what press managers for a political campaign would call a “pre-spin cycle:” an early response to the claims Intel is likely to make. One of AMD’s key bullet points is that the numbers Intel boasts for power consumption, and those AMD boasts, aren’t determined on a level playing field.

“One thing you need to be aware of,” Mike Field, AMD’s Athlon FX product manager, told TG Daily, “is the difference in how we measure power versus how Intel measures power.” As Tom’s Hardware Guide’s detailed Core 2 Extreme test showed, AMD reports a Thermal Design Power (TDP) figure of 125 watts for its high-performance Athlon 64 FX-62 processor, while Intel claims 75 watts. “What Intel does states is a typical wattage figure. So there’s a difference in those two numbers right off the bat.”

In the definition of the term set forth by Tom’s Hardware Guide years ago, TDP is “the maximum amount of power the thermal solution is required to dissipate.” In other words, TDP is a benchmark figure relative to how a cooling device, such as a heat sink or a fan, dissipates heat. Its original intent was to show the maximal power consumption that a physical system could withstand and still dissipate heat at necessary levels. But as Uwe W. D. Weyden wrote for us almost six years ago, “CPU vendors provide the values TDPmax and TDPtyp to the designers” – meaning, the maximal level of heat dissipation and the typical level under normal loads.

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