Microsoft’s WGA: Malware in Sheep’s Clothing

Windows Genuine Annoyance?

Privacy experts and PC users alike blast Microsoft’s antipiracy tool

A Microsoft program designed to thwart software piracy has instead opened a Pandora’s box of privacy concerns. PC users cried foul when Microsoft’s Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) software frequently phoned home to Microsoft servers and apparently flagged some legitimate copies of the Windows operating system as pirated. The incident spawned two lawsuits and has raised concerns about what Microsoft is adding to its software updates.

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  1. So what is a person to do? Do you

    a.)disable windows genuine advantage and not download microsoft updates ever
    b.)Let them invade our privacy more and more each day without our knowledge.

    c.)Use an open source operating system


  2. Shane,
    The only choice at this point is C.

    Unless you are in IT

    Then it should be C with VMware (for the Virus posing as an OS, Vista or XP and upon which you perform A)


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