Reuters Caught With It’s Electronic Pants Down

This weekend Reuters was caught with its electronic pants pulled all the way down. Another big media embarrassment that illustrates how much the “News Game” is changed in this brave new millennium.

Accuracy In Media reports that this photo may be the actual original. Was it an Associated Press photo before it was plagiarized and photoshopped by Adnan Hajj a Reuters Photo Journalist?…

Here is the image after it is stolen and photoshopped by Adnan Hajj a Reuters Photo Journalist.

Charles Johnson, the Web’s foremost “Media Fraud Exposer” at LittleGreenFooalls was first to call BS on the Phake Photo. Michelle Malkin came in a close second.

Now as usual the Media will feed on itself over this.

Reuters itself: Reuters drops Lebanese photographer over doctored image
Note that they are still insisting that a photoshopped image is the genuine article!

See, this is a better photoshop job, but still likely to be fraudulent.

RealClearPolitics: Institutional Failure at Reuters
Ouch! That kind of bare knuckle criticism has just gotta hurt!

CNN: Reuters says Mideast photographer doctored shots

There are plenty more out there and on the way. Watching the media attack its own is like watching a school of sharks in a feeding frenzy, and there’s fresh blood in the water.

Here, from the dissident frogman is a truely excellent video demonstration of what “Photoshopping” is and how it works.

UPDATE: Some choice FOX News Video captured by Greetings From The French Hill

UPDATE: some wierdness going on with my youtube links … do click here to see the video.

Nice job on that video!


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