PoliTech Changes

page-under-construction.jpgYou may have noticed some changes going on around here.

First, The new PoliTech look. I like it but I need some input. So if you visit, make a comment and let me know what you think.

Second, Digg … I am not posting Digg links any longer. If you want to know why, go to Digg.com and read the comment section of just about any Digg listing. With a collective IQ approaching zero, it’s hard to take the Digg “Social Book-marking” phenomenon all that seriously.

Third, del.ico.us links are now located in the sidebar.

UPDATE: Mad props to WordPress.com for hosting this and making it so easy to make such a significant change in appearance.
More mad props to Andreas Viklund for this Design, the more I use it the better I like it.
Even more mad props to Ainslie Johnson for making this design available in this environment.