Takes Another Bite at the Apple


Taking another bite at the Apple

With 100,000 DRM warning labels now distributed, it’s time to start the action. Join one. Start one.

Join us in New York and London.

On Saturday, September 30th, hazmat suited DefectiveByDesign members will gather at the flagship Apple stores in New York and London, These high profile events will kick-off awareness for “Oct 3rd, Day Against DRM

Have some fun, and join the Hazmat crew cleaning up the Apple/Disney/DRM mess that Steve Jobs has created.

Do you remember? In 2002 the CEO of Apple Steve Jobs said, “If you legally acquire music, you need to have the right to manage it on all other devices that you own,”


At the time Walt Disney president and CEO Michael Eisner accused Steve of “fostering piracy” with Apple’s “Rip, Mix, Burn” campaign.

Guess where Steve now has his other day job? Yes, Disney!

Lets remind everyone about “Rip, Mix, Burn” and remind Steve of his broken promise. Join us for a fun afternoon in London and New York, and we will get press awareness for October 3rd – Day Against DRM.

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October 3rd Declared “Day Against DRM”

Software Defined Radio (SDR) or ‘Tower of Babel’ technology

Another sign of technological Convergence…

‘Tower of Babel’ technology nears

Software Defined Radio (SDR) can read and understand different kinds of radio waves

The problem of compatibility between wireless devices is being addressed at an international conference this week.

Scientists will be discussing what has been dubbed “Tower of Babel” technology – software that can converge different wireless gadgets into a single device.

The aim for Software Defined Radio (SDR) is to be able to translate and understand any kind of radio wave signal, such as 3G or wi-fi.

Researchers say SDR gadgets could become commonplace in five to 10 years.

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New technology could nip High Def DVD format war in the bud

If the Optical Drive manufacturers won’t (or can’t because of DRM) ship multi-format readers, the media manufacturers seem to have come up with a solution.


New technology could nip DVD format war in the bud

The format war around next generation DVDs may be over before it has begun, thanks to a breakthrough from a British media technology company.

Britain-based New Medium Enterprises (NME) (NMEN.OB: Quote, Profile, Research) said on Tuesday it had solved a technical production problem that makes it possible to produce a cheap multiple-layer DVD disk containing one film in different, competing formats.

“Current technologies to create multiple layer disks mostly don’t work. We’ve created a technology for mass production of multiple layers that does not suffer from the well known problem of low yields,” said NME Chief Technology Officer Eugene Levich.

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October 3rd Declared “Day Against DRM”

By Next Year You Could be Playing Games on a Microsoft PlayStation 360.

Sonysonybatteryfire.jpegbetween exploding laptop batteries (that must now be replaced), the way late – way expensive – Blu-ray drive, the T.V and Monitor business in steady decline, Sony spyware and rootkits intentionally loaded on their music CDs, and a Sony Computer Entertainment president (Ken Kutaragi) who said about the PS3 that it’s a premium machine, sold at a premium price. If you really want a PS3? Work a little harder!

Don’t believe that one?

Here’s the quote on GameSpot:


“Our ideal,” Kutaragi said, “is for consumers to think to themselves, ‘OK, I’ll work more hours and buy it.’ We want people to feel that they want it, no matter what.”

Why he almost sounds French!

The Electric Sisterhood has come out with what is sure to be a somewhat controversial opinion (in other words … incendiary flame-bait!):

Do the Math: Will Sony Go Broke?
When things are all said and done, the most valuable piece of the pie at Sony is its video game division. They could very well put it up for sale. And who could be the potential buyer?


That’s right. I said it. Just think about it.

Who could benefit the most by purchasing Sony’s video game division?


You might say there’s no way the U.S. government would allow such a thing. Anti-trust, you say.

Just remember who’s running the government. A Microsoft takeover would be treated with the same kid gloves that created DaimlerChrysler.

Who knows? This time next year you could be playing games on a PlayStation 360.

To the Sisterhood, feel free to use the graphic!

Now there’s a lot more to the above article (I just picked out enough to get your attention!). So before you get all breathless and giddy take a moment to read the whole thing…

SEGA_LOGOI remember when some analysts mentioned early on that Sega had some serious cashflow problems, and this was way before the Saturn bombed. Oh! How the Sega fanboys screamed and gnashed their teeth. Now the Sega console is but a fond memory. Sega now sells software.

The lesson to be learned is “Don’t kill the messenger”. Sony has problems and they won’t hesitate to jettison a part of the business to save the overall corporation. Could that be the game console division? The entire game division software and all?


The Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD battle will end up the way it always ends up. Expect to see Blu-Ray/HD-DVD RW combo drives on store shelves soon. The optical drive manufacturers have no choice. They need to appeal to the biggest market they can and it’s a tough business. The only thing that could screw it up is DRM. Which means, it’s by no means a “technical” problem.

But once one international optical drive vendor offers a combo DVD drive the flood gates will open and it’s optical drive alphabet soup all over again. Only this time we get the “HD” DVD variety.

As far as Lithium Ion batteries, it’s long been known that Lithium Ion batteries are prone to fire. But for Sony to lose face over some poor engneering is somthing that Sony could easily survive. It’s the half million battery replacements that are going to hurt.

Disclaimer: PoliTech is NOT a “Sony hater”! It’s Just “Food for thought”…

October 3rd Declared “Day Against DRM”

Wow the Sony fanboys are really in outrage over at the Electric Sisterhood in the comments for this story. Not even the Digg comments were this funny!

XBox360 HD-DVD: Stupid DRM tricks

One of the PoliTech Extropians just emailed me and is somewhat upset with the latest press releases regarding XBox 360 and the HD-DVD drive…

HD DVD will be 1080p only via VGA cable. Component cable limited to 1080i due to Effing DRM/copy protection!

Games will be 1080p, but why limit HD DVD especially since the Xbox does not have an HDMI port? I’m really not that upset since my TV is 720p native, and by the time I get a new 1080p TV, Xbox720 (or whatever it will be called) will be out.

Just thank the wisdom of our government overlords and the DMCA law. DRM has never been about making sense. It has always been about limiting much of the possible functionality from new tech and even goes so far as to apply it’s regulations, and thus it’s limitations on existing technology. DRM exists solely to enable breaking technology which currently works just fine.

DRM” is equal to “Regression”.

It makes as much sense as a government regulation which requires that car manufacturers include a buggy whip with every vehicle sold.

Here is a snippet from the article …

Xbox 360 HD DVD playback: Maximum 1080i via component, 1080p VGA-only

When Microsoft revealed yesterday it will support 1080p HD DVD and 1080p DVD upconversion we were surprised because it’s commonly accepted that the CSS (DVD) and AACS (HD DVD & Blu-ray) copyright provisions wouldn’t allow that (although some manufacturers have looked the other way before) via unprotected analog connections. We were right, sort of. Even after the software upgrade this fall, via component cables, the Xbox 360 will still only upconvert DVDs to 480p, and will play HD DVD movies at a maximum resolution of 1080i. To get 1080p output for movies, you must use a VGA cable, which is not subject to the same copyright restrictions. This just means the Xbox 360 is just like every other HD DVD and Blu-ray player on the market

To break it all down what you will get from the Xbox 360 after this fall’s software update:

HD DVD – 1080p resolution and all others
DVD – Upscaled as high as 1080p resolution and all others
Games – 720p games upscaled to 1080p, also supports native-1080p games in the future

HD DVD – 1080i resolution maximum, limited by AACS
DVD – Upscaled to 480p maximum, limited by CSS
Games – 720p games upscaled to 1080p, also supports native-1080p games in the future

Ok I get it “you must use a VGA cable, which is not subject to the same copyright restrictions” it’s the cable! That must be some cable!

DRM-er and DRM-er-er

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Microsoft demos Xbox 360 HD DVD player, menus [Updated image]

High-def media doesn’t end with a better picture

Hattip: nossidam and EngadgetHD

Microsoft offering free repairs for all 2005 Xbox 360s – Engadget

Xbox 360: Microsoft announces 1080p support

October 3rd Declared “Day Against DRM”

Why Vista will mean the end of the Microsoft monolith

This is not to say it will be the end for Microsoft, but the way I read the the technology tea leaves here is that Microsoft will find itself slowly marginalized, similarly to IBM which during the “Big Blue” era was the only name in computing.

Microsoft has been continually outperformed by the Social/technological GNU/GPL movement which was a development that was unforeseen, yet in hindsight looks to be the next logical step in the evolution of software design. See more here about GNU and CopyLeft.

John Naughton writing for The Observer has this to say:

Why Vista will mean the end of the Microsoft monolith

The Vista saga has two interesting lessons for the computer business.

It raises, for example, the question of whether this way of producing software products of this complexity has reached its natural limit.

Microsoft is an extremely rich, resourceful company – and yet the task of creating and shipping Vista stretched it to breaking point.

A lesser company would have buckled under the strain. And yet while Microsoft engineers were trudging through their death march, the open source community shipped a series of major upgrades to the Linux operating system.

How can hackers, scattered across the globe, working for no pay, linked only by the net and shared values, apparently outperform the smartest software company on the planet?

Microsofties retort that Vista is much more complex than Linux. But it’s not the whole story. It could be that purely networked enterprises like the Linux project are actually a better way of producing very complex products, much as Toyota’s ‘lean’ production system is the best way of making cars.

Hat tip: Travelling Through The Wire Thanks eneve!

October 3rd Declared “Day Against DRM”

A 1st Blog From Space

Hi everyone,

It is about 11:30 GMT here on ISS. It looks like my first entry from space made it down there.. Amazing, isn’t it…?

So first let’s take care of a few housekeeping items… I do not have realtime access to email. The email process is a batch process so it happens three times a day. I will do my best to get at least one entry in per day.

I do not have access to a web browser so I cannot read all your comments. I get some of your questions and greetings forwarded to me and I know that many people are sending their well wishes and words of inspiration. You cannot imagine how happy you have all made me, by sharing this experience with me.

Every time I read a message saying how someone has been energized and motivated to pursue their dreams, I get Goosebumps. I get all teary eyed when I read how a young girl in Mashhad is watching me and is motivated to one day become an Astronaut.

I know all of you will realize your dreams, if you want it bad enough in your heart and are willing to work hard and sacrifice for it. I will be reading every single one of your messages personally, when I return… So please continue to write to me.

Now that we have taken care of that, let’s talk about the ride up here, as I promised…

Well I took a motion sickness pill on the launch pad which was great. When we got to orbit I felt fine and I was able to look out the window as the world kept spinning around us, or more correctly I should say, we spun around the world.

They usually say you should not do that the first day because it will make you sick. Well… I just couldn’t resist…

I felt fine and even had some crackers and cookies for dinner before I went to bed. Our time was shifted back so we were basically scheduled to go to sleep about 6 pm and wake up about 3:00 am.

The first night we were all so tired that going to sleep early was no problem. Ah! I forgot to mention… when the Soyuz is put in orbit to chase the space station, it spins on its axis the whole time. The trip to the station takes close to 48 hours…

Now I knew why we had those dreaded spinning chair trainings.

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