Microsoft YouTube Clone Coming

Since Google Video never really took off. And since YouTube is burning cash at a rate that is at this point insurmountable, and will be going down the drain shortly without a buyout or other cash infusion. I’m hoping that another alternative will show up soon. I like adding video to my blog. I like that uploading video is easy. I will miss youTube if it does indeed die. So kudos to MS for this.


Microsoft YouTube Clone Coming

Microsoft’s new YouTube competitor will be all about user generated videos if its name, Soapbox, is any indication.

There aren’t many details yet, but LiveSide is saying this will be a MSN, not product, and will eventually be launched at

The feature set includes:

Upload videos in almost any format—like from your video or digital camera (maximum file size is currently 100MB)

Tag and categorize your videos to make it easy for other people to find them Watch original videos and browse for new ones at the same time Set up your own personal RSS feeds for videos you’re interested in.

Use your Windows Live Spaces profile with Soapbox on MSN Video Embed a video on your Web site or blog

Update: some good points about DRM and other potential pitfalls for MS and SoapBox can be found at Unsought Input:
5 reasons Microsoft won’t be able to beat YouTube
October 3rd Declared “Day Against DRM”



  1. Finally, a video service that will give me good quality videos. YouTube is still
    encoding in low 200k cruddy Sorenson Flash 7 encoding. About time some gives them a run for their (lack of) money.


  2. YouTube is reported to have raised $11.5 million in venture capital in the last year, didn’t see a penny in revenue until March, when they cautiously began selling ads.

    Meanwhile the site’s bandwidth costs, which increase every time a visitor clicks on a video, may be approaching $1 million a month–much of which goes to provider Limelight Networks.

    At that burn rate YouTube would need subscription charges approaching $100 per year for an average years uploaders just to break even.


  3. Dvorak also expressed his opinion about Youtube:

    “What makes YouTube a hit is its ability to transcode anything and produce an easy-to-watch and easy-to-embed streaming flash movie. You simply upload a video you made on a digital camera or camcorder, and YouTube’s computers turn it into a flash video. Producers, the public, wannabe actors, corporations out for publicity, and clip collectors all use YouTube.”

    I also think the “ease of use” is the largest factor, Unsought Input makes a good point about DRM, and that is one of the “ease of use” hurdles that Microsoft must confront.

    Read the Unsought Input article they make some thoughtful points.


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  5. Netbrix, that was awfully close to a spam comment. I’ll let it go, as it is on topic.

    I do hope that you will be stopping in from time to time with topical commentary in other posts.

    A link would go a long way toward my trusting in your good faith. (I would naturally reciprocate)


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