“Information Tech” Tops List of Most Stressful Jobs


Top 10 Most Stressful Professions
Work Stresses and Colleague Irritations, Defined

IT experts are more likely to suffer from stress than any other professional, according to the survey.

Four out of five IT consultants feel stressed before they even enter the workplace, in anticipation of another day juggling complaints, pressure from managers and daily targets.

And a quarter of IT experts are under such enormous pressure to perform at work they have taken time off suffering with stress.

The poll also revealed that a third of IT professionals say it is difficult to get the work done when managers are constantly on their backs.

One IT respondent said: “I spend most of my day fielding calls from people who don’t even have a basic knowledge of computers and printers.

Medicine / Caring Profession
Sales and Marketing
Human Resources

If anything this article understates the stress level of having to teach, explain, handhold and baby-sit unappreciative novice computer users.

Even more fun are “Imaginative” IT executives who have little or no desire to even remotely understand the technology they are working with, and making decisions about. But who are happy to set impossible deadlines, make poor vendor choices, and demand that incompatible systems be forced into the computing environment with instructions to “just make it work.”.

At many companies there is absolutely no visible appreciation of the skill and knowledge required to create and maintain an efficient usable computing environment. This can be true in nearly any business.

The bottommost staff are generally found to be regarded in this order,

Cleaning lady
Plant watering person
IT Staff

UPDATE: Use the Age-O-Matic to find out how much your job ages you.


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