YouTube’s deal with Warner Music could be YouTube’s downfall.

A lot of bloggers, social site posters, and traditional webmasters are using youtube to display video and many feature youtube videos with great regularity, (including the PoliTech Blog!). The article below is definitely worth the read.


Feature: Why YouTube’s best deal will be its death

Today, YouTube announces that Warner Music will publish music videos (and some other video) through the popular video site, with both companies profiting from ads.

Also, YouTube says it invented a copyrighted-material-finding machine (?) that will scour through the site’s many amateur vids and give Warner Music the option to nix them or license the music.

What does this mean for YouTube?

Read this highly recommended article from Valleywag

In fact after browsing the Valleywag site for few minutes I’m adding the site to the PoliTech Reading List. Nice Site! Good Content!