Handy Tech: AA batteries that have built-in USB port

Sometimes it’s the little things in life … and technology.


Charge your AAs over USB

I love innovation – who doesn’t? That said, my tastes lie specifically in the kind which make my life simpler and easier. We’re talking email over post, wireless over wired, LCD over CRT and potentially now ‘USBCell’ batteries over your traditional AAs.

Released as a teaser to the IT press over a week ago with the tagline ‘Time to recharge the battery market’, the details are finally out and they are oh so logical yet very cool.

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While your there check out the Bit-Tech site. Where you will find lots of cool innovative hardware and tech features. I also added the site to the PoliTech Reading List.

Since we’re on the subject of USB Engadget also has some news:

Imation’s USB bracelet goes 1GB

You know those USB flash drive bracelets no one is wearing?

Well, consider ’em bumped to a full 1GB in your choice of 8 colors to match your collection of ironic T-shirts. And if you feel like branding your enslaved wage donkeys, you can even order in bulk replete with your own corporate logo.

On sale in Japan starting September 21st. Good times.

But wait Engadget has more!

Pinnacle announces USB/PCI TV tuners and video editing gear

Pinnacle’s already hooked up our friends in Europe with a DVB-T tuner on a stick, but now those of us on this side of the pond are getting a little over-the-air HD love with its just-announced PCTV HD Pro Stick.

Bundled with a remote and telescopic antenna

Thanks to Jem Promotional Products for the USB bracelet image