How to Cure your Blogging Addiction in 7 Easy Steps

What does it say about me that I just blogged about this article?


How to Cure your Blogging Addiction in 7 Easy Steps

Blogging has made a huge impact in many peoples lives over the past few years – just look at the Technorati numbers to see blogs in the tens of millions, from all corners of the globe and by people of all walks of life.

But there surely must come a time for every blogger at some point, where they start to question themselves and their blogging habits: Am I doing too much blogging? Does my life revolve too much around blogging? Am I, OMG, truly addicted to blogging?

Well fret no more fellow travellers, because here’s my cure for your blogging addiction if you think you’re heading down that path – or maybe … you’re already there!

So here are my 7 steps to curing your blogging addiction…

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