XBox360 HD-DVD: Stupid DRM tricks

One of the PoliTech Extropians just emailed me and is somewhat upset with the latest press releases regarding XBox 360 and the HD-DVD drive…

HD DVD will be 1080p only via VGA cable. Component cable limited to 1080i due to Effing DRM/copy protection!

Games will be 1080p, but why limit HD DVD especially since the Xbox does not have an HDMI port? I’m really not that upset since my TV is 720p native, and by the time I get a new 1080p TV, Xbox720 (or whatever it will be called) will be out.

Just thank the wisdom of our government overlords and the DMCA law. DRM has never been about making sense. It has always been about limiting much of the possible functionality from new tech and even goes so far as to apply it’s regulations, and thus it’s limitations on existing technology. DRM exists solely to enable breaking technology which currently works just fine.

DRM” is equal to “Regression”.

It makes as much sense as a government regulation which requires that car manufacturers include a buggy whip with every vehicle sold.

Here is a snippet from the article …

Xbox 360 HD DVD playback: Maximum 1080i via component, 1080p VGA-only

When Microsoft revealed yesterday it will support 1080p HD DVD and 1080p DVD upconversion we were surprised because it’s commonly accepted that the CSS (DVD) and AACS (HD DVD & Blu-ray) copyright provisions wouldn’t allow that (although some manufacturers have looked the other way before) via unprotected analog connections. We were right, sort of. Even after the software upgrade this fall, via component cables, the Xbox 360 will still only upconvert DVDs to 480p, and will play HD DVD movies at a maximum resolution of 1080i. To get 1080p output for movies, you must use a VGA cable, which is not subject to the same copyright restrictions. This just means the Xbox 360 is just like every other HD DVD and Blu-ray player on the market

To break it all down what you will get from the Xbox 360 after this fall’s software update:

HD DVD – 1080p resolution and all others
DVD – Upscaled as high as 1080p resolution and all others
Games – 720p games upscaled to 1080p, also supports native-1080p games in the future

HD DVD – 1080i resolution maximum, limited by AACS
DVD – Upscaled to 480p maximum, limited by CSS
Games – 720p games upscaled to 1080p, also supports native-1080p games in the future

Ok I get it “you must use a VGA cable, which is not subject to the same copyright restrictions” it’s the cable! That must be some cable!

DRM-er and DRM-er-er

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  1. what is the use of having just a hd dvd compatible console when it has become quite clear that blu ray disc is the new standard in hd.if microsoft can provide its customers with an x-box306 that is compatible with both hd dvd and blu-ray disc at the same price($179) then its competitors like sony will suffer a major blow both in the gaming console department and optical disc player department.


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