Fight DRM: Ten things you can do today

“If consumers even know there’s a DRM, what it is, and how it works, we’ve already failed” – Disney Executive.


Defeating DRM is all about awareness.

The direct actions that we have taken are all about this. Today we are asking you to let the people around you know that DRM is bad for our society. Let’s create space for the debate. Do we want handcuffs and locks on art and knowledge? As our friends at Disney recognize, if there is this debate, we will have won.

Work your way through these actions (some or all) and spread the word that DRM is Defective By Design. Your target is to get the word out to at least 100 people today. and that is easier than you think. Just look at the ideas below and see that you can have some fun and have an impact on the future story of DRM.

Email your friends and family, use our prepared text. This is the big one – attack that address book!!

Add this text to your email signature for the day.

Post on a forum or message board that you subscribe to.

Download and print this sign and hang one at your desk, the office water cooler, or in an elevator.

Download and print this leaflet and give it to coworkers or others you see today, maybe even distribute them on your lunch hour or during your commute.

Sign the Bono petition. We are getting ready to get his answer.

Google bomb DRM by adding this link to your website or any web page you can edit.

Digg the day of action

Watch these videos on YouTube send them to friends and rate them.

Photograph your actions and post them to Flickr tagged with “dayagainst drm defectivebydesign”.


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