Intel to Launch Quad-Core Chips on November 13


In a race with rival Advanced Micro Devices, Intel will bring its quad-core chips to market in a new line of Hewlett-Packard workstations due to be introduced on November 13.

AMD plans to release its own quad-core chips in the middle of 2007, and claims its monolithic design is superior to Intel’s plan, which essentially glues two dual-cores chips together. But without having any hardware to test, analysts are divided on whether this detail will significantly affect the chips’ performance.

Intel Chief Executive Paul Otellini defended the company’s design at last month’s Intel Developer Forum, saying that customers would care more about the pure speed and performance of their computers than about how the chips inside it are packaged.

The game enthusiast market will be a testing ground for the first quad-core chips, as Intel has already arranged to ship its Core 2 Extreme version of the chip to 13 gaming PC vendors, including Dell, Gateway, and VoodooPC

Intel had orginally included the Kentsfield Quad Core chips in it’s roadmaps for the first quarter 2007. As reported by BeHardware back in March.

As far as CPU architecture esoterica, I’m with Otellini … all I care about is power and price.

If AMD numbers blow away Intel next year … like Intel did with AMD this year, then we all win.

I hope they keep it coming!