Futbal Ballet

Who doesn’t think that all sports officials are subconsciously just like this one?!

Futbal (AKA Soccer)… not to be confused with Football. bighit.jpeg

On topic for this site? No.
Funny? Yes!



  1. Joshua, You missed not only the satire, but the facts as well.



    Whatever…futbol, futbal, soccer, footy, footer, kikbal, le soccer, etc. etc. ad nauseam…

    If a “futbol”. team and a “futbal” team were to meet on the same field, would they be able to play? How about a Soccer team and a futbol team?

    Football should always have a rule identifier before the label, such as
    American Football
    Australian Rules Football
    Canadian Football
    Rugby Football

    It’s most humorous that so many Soccer fans scorn the use of the word “Soccer”, falsely believing that it is an Americanism, when “fútbol” is the true “Americanism” … coming as it does from the North, Central, and South Americas.

    Thanks for stopping by and “commenting!


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