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Microsoft CEO says Linux “uses our intellectual property”


Ballmer: Linux users owe Microsoft

In comments confirming the open-source community’s suspicions, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Thursday declared his belief that the Linux operating system infringes on Microsoft’s intellectual property.

Microsoft officials, including Ballmer, were mum on whether the Linux kernel, which is governed by the General Public License and takes contributions from programmers all around the world, violated Microsoft’s patents.

Ballmer was more open Thursday.

“Novell pays us some money for the right to tell customers that anybody who uses SUSE Linux is appropriately covered,” Ballmer said. This “is important to us, because [otherwise] we believe every Linux customer basically has an undisclosed balance-sheet liability.”

“My reaction is that so far, what he [Ballmer] said is just more FUD [fear, uncertainty and doubt],” said Pamela Jones, editor of the blog…

My question to Ballmer is, how Microsoft can come out in front of the world offering only a gussied up version of Windows NT4 (1995 technology now with transparencies and gradients!) like Windows Vista … compare it to something infinitely better … and then claim the better system actually used Microsoft’s intellectual property?

If they did, they sure did a hell of a lot more with it than Microsoft.

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Update: Here is the video!


Older gamer dissects the “Next-Gen” videogame offerings versus PC gaming

PS3 day! Read this great rant…


Screw you guys, I’m going home…

…or at least, I’m going home to my roots as a gamer. My first real gaming machine was a PC, and this whole “next-gen” console war is pushing me back that way, even though I have loved (and still do love) my original Xbox.

Downloadable Content? Way back in the day, Al Gore invented what I like to call the “interweb”. You could connect your PC to the “interweb” and get all kinds of stuff.

Ok, well at first all you could get was porn, but now there is a lot more out there.

Almost any popular PC game made has mods that come out for it that are made by sad, perverted, lonely men who live over their parent’s garage. The mods are free, because these douchebags want approval more than they want money. They hope you’ll be so impressed with their hard work that you decide to send them some rare Star Trek swag.

Their lamentable lives are your gain though, and the upshot is that you get lots of free stuff that extends and enhances the games you already own.

Like the naked mod for Oblivion. The 360 and the PS3 will NEVER get that. Ever. So enjoy your high-def graphics, console owners, but know this, I also have high-def graphics…of nipples.

Read the whole thing…it’s really funny

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Windows Vista: Not Worth the Upgrade?

Some grist for the conversation mill.


4 Reasons Why Windows Vista Is Just Not Worth It

As you all may have heard, Microsoft has released Windows Vista to manufacturing yesterday. A momentous event? Well that just depends on who you ask, and if the person is myself then you are going to get the following four reasons why I personally would not even bother with Windows Vista.

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I personally find that Vista feels “clunky”. But I will wait for SP1 before I pass judgment one way or the other. I do have serious doubts about the suitability and manageability of Vista on the enterprise desktop.

UPDATE: From SlashDot (hattip: Nick)


Windows Chief Suggests Vista Won’t Need Antivirus

“During a telephone conference with reporters yesterday, outgoing Microsoft co-president Jim Allchin, while touting the new security features of Windows Vista, which was released to manufacturing yesterday, told a reporter that the system’s new lockdown features are so capable and thorough that he was comfortable with his own seven-year-old son using Vista without antivirus software installed.

High comedy, that!

The Perils of Windows Vista and Built-in DRM talks about Peter Gutmann’s paper “A Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection”

Microsoft Confirms DRM Driver Crippling in VISTA From the horses mouth (the “Windows Vista Team Blog”) comes confirmation of every horrible charge leveled at Vista by Gutmann

UPDATE 3: Five more reasons to maybe hold off…

The 5 sins of Vista

Since Vista was released to MSDN subscribers back in November I have started using it on my primary development laptop. I would love to run it in a VMWare session while I am developing, but it is still not possible to get Areo Glass to run this way (I need glass running to get our Remote Control Applications to work with it). After a month and a half of using it I have found a number of things that have irritated me, and only make me more angry as time goes by

It makes me angry because I am a big fan of Microsoft. In my mind, every version of Windows since 3.1 has gotten better with each release (I will kindly forgive them for Windows ME). Each day I feel that in many ways, Vista is a step back in the usability department.

I want Vista to be great, but there are so many issues I have lost count. I will limit my rant to the top 5 user interface nit picks in Vista. This is my top 5 – yours may be different 😉

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UPDATE 4: Microsoft Cripples Vista Upgrade
Upgrade versions of Windows Vista Home Basic, Premium, and Starter Edition will not install on any PC unless Windows XP or Windows 2000 is already on the machine…

UPDATE 5: Vista DRM Already Cracked? “Alex Ionescu claims to have successfully bypassed the much discussed DRM protection in Windows Vista, called ‘Protected Media Path’ (PMP)…

How the Democrats Stole the 2006 Elections

Just some random thoughts about hacked voting machines, “Fixing the Vote” and rampant Vote Fraud …

hack-u-vote.jpgVote Fixing as taught by Huffington Post with video describing exactly how to actually do it. Nice of Marty Kaplan and HuffPo to give the Dems step-by-step video instructions. It looks like those instructions were followed pretty closely!

On blog after blog Vote Hacking methodology was discussed at length, and there are numerous videos that demonstrate what the vote hacker needs to do, though the planning was disguised at the time as “worry about what the Republicans are going to do”.

We now know why all the discussion was necessarry. So that the Dems could “Fix the Vote”
Chicago style!

The Vote(fix)ing machines have been described as “About as secure as a hotel minibar.”

Weeks before the elections Cheryl Kagan, a former Maryland Democratic legislator actually had the software needed to hack the voting machines in her hot little hands! Why exactly did she have this hack tool in her possession?


Voting machine software delivered to ex-lawmaker

The disks were delivered with an unsigned note to former Democratic Delegate Cheryl Kagan … The note said the disks had been “accidentally picked up” in the state election board offices.

More here…

Electronic Voting Machines Could Skew Elections

Inside, she discovered three computer discs. With them was an anonymous letter saying the discs contained the secret source code for vote-counting that could be used to alter the votes cast through Maryland’s new electronic voting machines.

Pardon me but I think the Democrats “doth protest too much”.

Now that the Vote has been “Fixed” the Dem supporters want all that talk of “Vote Fraud” to just “go away”… Dave Lindorff asks:

What Election-Theft Conspiracy?

I am certain that Rove and his legions of dirty tricksters did their level best to intimidate and discourage minority and low-income urban voters from going to the polls.

Greg Palast and others have ably demonstrated how Republicans have mastered the art of removing people from the rolls who should not be removed, of tricking people into thinking they’d registered to vote when they hadn’t, and of threatening some groups of voters–mostly blacks and Hispanics–into not voting for fear of being arrested on some trumped-up charge.

There have also been plenty of documented cases of Republican Party attempts to establish burdensome and illegal photo ID requirements. All these things have certainly lowered Democratic vote totals by millions of votes.

But the systematic tampering with voting machines that some warned would happen and that people have claimed happened in 2004 and 2000, simply didn’t occur — and I suspect didn’t occur those years either.

Well except for this…

A sampling of e-voting glitches on election day 2006

Defaults to Democrats: The software industry has long known that defaults are important. New Jersey Republicans learned the same thing after the name of Robert Menendez, a Democrat, was allegedly highlighted by default. Voters had to manually de-select Menendez to vote Republican, The New York Times reported. One Republican lawyer told the paper: “We’re not sure exactly what the cause of it is…but it’s become too widespread to believe it’s a coincidence.”

And this

Search Google News for this: voting machine glitch

or try Google News for this one: voting machine irregularities

Update: From engadget (HatTip: Chris)


Voter smashes touch-screen machine in Allentown

A man who reportedly believed Republicans were conspiring to steal today’s election entered an Allentown polling site, signed in and proceeded to smash the screen of one of the electronic voting machines with a metal cat paperweight, poll volunteers said.

The engadget take:

Voter smashes Diebold machine as e-voting problems crop up nationwide

The highlight of the day, though, has nothing to do with shoddy equipment and everything to do with a crazy voter who attacked a Diebold-brand machine in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Forty-three-year-old Robert Young, a registered independent, apparently believed that the e-voting machines had been deployed in a wild conspiracy by Republicans, and decided to make a statement by smashing the $5,000 device with a metal cat paperweight. A remorseful Young was quickly arrested by local police, and although the votes on the destroyed machine can still be saved, the feline paperweight did not fare nearly as well: officials have said that it will likely be impounded before being forcibly euthanized.

You couldn’t make this stuff up!

Banned by GooTube

bannedbyyoutube.JPGWell one of my GooTube uploaded videos has been relegated to the bit bucket. And I didn’t even get a “strongly worded letter” from the GooTube management.

All Americans should be free to express themselves in song! Satire is a form of political expression and speech such as this should be protected, never suppressed or censored!

Clueless TV Critic calls “Heroes” the fall season’s worst new network drama

Clueless TV Critic Says:


We Don’t Need Another Hero

‘Friday Night Lights’ … where the games are flat but the football players and cheerleaders have—gulp—real dimension … in ‘Heroes, … the superheroes all have predictable off-the-rack superpowers and the show itself is just superboring.

Heroes is the lousy hit … Friday Night Lights is the terrific flop … “Heroes … has little to recommend it besides escapism. It’s not really about anything. No wonder it’s such a hit.”

Here is a Link to the comment section of the article

I rate this Clueless TV Critic‘s article … “half a star”.

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UPDATE: On December 10, 2006 the American Film Institute named Heroes one of the ten “best television programs of the year”.

On December 13, the Writers Guild of America nominated the program for “best new series” of 2007.

On December 14 the Hollywood Foreign Press Association nominated the program for a Golden Globe Award for “best television drama”, and nominated Masi Oka (Hiro Nakamura) for Best Supporting Actor on a TV Series.

Heroes won the award for Favorite New TV Drama at the 2007 People’s Choice Awards.

The cast of Heroes was named in the 2006 Time Magazine’s Person of the Year issue under “People Who Mattered”.

In Australia, the Sydney Morning Herald lift-out section, “The Guide”, listed Heroes as one of the best shows to come in 2007. It was described as a “Modern twist of The Tomorrow People”.

Well I wonder if the Clueless TV Critic (Devin Gordon) feels as stupid as his article makes him look?