Vista and Office 2007 about to reach the end of the beginning


It’s official: Vista and Office 2007 to launch November 30

The Windows Vista journey is about to reach the end of the beginning, with the official launch date of November 30 announced for the simultaneous launch of Office 2007 and the business version of Windows Vista.

That said, the general consumer versions of Vista are still planned for a January 2007 release, with the rumoured date of January 30 said to be on the verge of confirmation over the next few days.

The November 30 date will be a worldwide release, meaning Australians, New Zealanders and other countries in the same time zone will be able to get access to the software several hours before our North American brethren.

Exchange Server 2007 is also scheduled to be released on the same day, giving businesses access to Microsoft’s latest email server and email client (Outlook 2007). The US press invitation made special note of the fact that it will be the first time in 10 years that new versions of Vista, Exchange and Office will be launched together.

Corporate customers wanting access to the software will be able to get it on November 30, as will system builders, technology journalists and other selected parties, although some technology journalists may get access to the ‘Gold RTM code’ slightly sooner for review purposes. If we are able to access it any earlier we’ll be bringing you a review as soon as we possibly can.

I will wait for SP1 before even considering Vista as a production OS. Office 2k7 still feels clunky to me, but I will likely switch to it on or around release day.

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