Windows Vista: Not Worth the Upgrade?

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4 Reasons Why Windows Vista Is Just Not Worth It

As you all may have heard, Microsoft has released Windows Vista to manufacturing yesterday. A momentous event? Well that just depends on who you ask, and if the person is myself then you are going to get the following four reasons why I personally would not even bother with Windows Vista.

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I personally find that Vista feels “clunky”. But I will wait for SP1 before I pass judgment one way or the other. I do have serious doubts about the suitability and manageability of Vista on the enterprise desktop.

UPDATE: From SlashDot (hattip: Nick)


Windows Chief Suggests Vista Won’t Need Antivirus

“During a telephone conference with reporters yesterday, outgoing Microsoft co-president Jim Allchin, while touting the new security features of Windows Vista, which was released to manufacturing yesterday, told a reporter that the system’s new lockdown features are so capable and thorough that he was comfortable with his own seven-year-old son using Vista without antivirus software installed.

High comedy, that!

The Perils of Windows Vista and Built-in DRM talks about Peter Gutmann’s paper “A Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection”

Microsoft Confirms DRM Driver Crippling in VISTA From the horses mouth (the “Windows Vista Team Blog”) comes confirmation of every horrible charge leveled at Vista by Gutmann

UPDATE 3: Five more reasons to maybe hold off…

The 5 sins of Vista

Since Vista was released to MSDN subscribers back in November I have started using it on my primary development laptop. I would love to run it in a VMWare session while I am developing, but it is still not possible to get Areo Glass to run this way (I need glass running to get our Remote Control Applications to work with it). After a month and a half of using it I have found a number of things that have irritated me, and only make me more angry as time goes by

It makes me angry because I am a big fan of Microsoft. In my mind, every version of Windows since 3.1 has gotten better with each release (I will kindly forgive them for Windows ME). Each day I feel that in many ways, Vista is a step back in the usability department.

I want Vista to be great, but there are so many issues I have lost count. I will limit my rant to the top 5 user interface nit picks in Vista. This is my top 5 – yours may be different 😉

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UPDATE 4: Microsoft Cripples Vista Upgrade
Upgrade versions of Windows Vista Home Basic, Premium, and Starter Edition will not install on any PC unless Windows XP or Windows 2000 is already on the machine…

UPDATE 5: Vista DRM Already Cracked? “Alex Ionescu claims to have successfully bypassed the much discussed DRM protection in Windows Vista, called ‘Protected Media Path’ (PMP)…