Older gamer dissects the “Next-Gen” videogame offerings versus PC gaming

PS3 day! Read this great rant…


Screw you guys, I’m going home…

…or at least, I’m going home to my roots as a gamer. My first real gaming machine was a PC, and this whole “next-gen” console war is pushing me back that way, even though I have loved (and still do love) my original Xbox.

Downloadable Content? Way back in the day, Al Gore invented what I like to call the “interweb”. You could connect your PC to the “interweb” and get all kinds of stuff.

Ok, well at first all you could get was porn, but now there is a lot more out there.

Almost any popular PC game made has mods that come out for it that are made by sad, perverted, lonely men who live over their parent’s garage. The mods are free, because these douchebags want approval more than they want money. They hope you’ll be so impressed with their hard work that you decide to send them some rare Star Trek swag.

Their lamentable lives are your gain though, and the upshot is that you get lots of free stuff that extends and enhances the games you already own.

Like the naked mod for Oblivion. The 360 and the PS3 will NEVER get that. Ever. So enjoy your high-def graphics, console owners, but know this, I also have high-def graphics…of nipples.

Read the whole thing…it’s really funny

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