High Def DVD Alphabet Soup (Dual Formats) Announced

This took a little longer than expected, but in less than a year, here we are … High Definition DVD alphabet soup for optical hardware, with an added bonus of dual format High Def optical media!


Warner, LG embrace dual-format DVD technology

An electronics company and a movie studio independently rolled out plans on Thursday to bridge the divide between rival high-definition DVD formats with products that would combine two sets of standards.

Time Warner Inc. said it will unveil a new high-definition disc that would hold recordings in the rival HD DVD and Blu-ray formats in separate layers.

Warner Bros. plans to present the new disc, called Total HD, at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

At the same time, South Korea’s LG Electronics Inc. said on Thursday it would launch a DVD player that supports both Sony Corp’s Blu-ray format and HD DVD, which is backed by a group led by Toshiba Corp.

New technology could nip High Def DVD format war in the bud

Soon to come, BlueRay/HD-DVD +/- R/RW DVD-RAM ?



  1. Pj, Good point. I have another question, will 1080p be enough?

    At CES they have a Westinghouse Quad HD 52″ display with a resolution of 3840 x 2160. That works out to HDTV 2160p, which makes the 1080i(or p) HD-DVD/BluRay more than obsolete. You have to love the pace of technological progress.


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