Hitachi breaks 1TB hard drive barrier

Just as I fill up another 500gb hard disk with music and video … I get some good news!


Hitachi breaks 1TB hard drive barrier with 7K1000

Well, we knew it was likely to happen in 2006 or 2007: Hitachi has fulfilled their promise and broken the 1TB drive barrier with the introduction of Hitachi’s new Deskstar 7K1000 drive. Thanks to perpendicular recording and the average consumers’ voracious appetite for porn (err pirated movies? err pirated software? … ed.) totally legitimate data!, Hitachi’s new $400 drives — available in SATA II or PATA 133 varieties, with differing speed modes, a 32MB buffer, quieting accoustics, SMART, and a 7200rpm spindle speed — will hit the market running in Q1 of this year

That will give me some room to store that High Def DVD video that I can now decode…

Hattip: Engadget