How to destroy your enemies with Web 2.0: A five step plan


A funny social hacking plan using Web 2.0 … courtesy of Vallywag

How to destroy your enemies with Web 2.0: A five-step plan

With the social tools at your disposal, you can propose to your girlfriend with a $25 ad spot or call your local pizza place to say hi. Sure, you can be friendly. But wouldn’t you rather play rough? You can launch a smear campaign against your enemies from the comfort of your own home, by following this five-step plan.

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Ahh sweet revenge!

The above is satire. We don’t recommend you actually go and DO any of it, especially in any way that’s illegal.


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  1. wouldnt it be better to just kill your enemies? your way sounds pretty f**gy…

    Killing one’s enemies using Web 2.0 tools? You’re welcome to give it a try! Let us all know how that works out for ya!



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