“Think Big” How would you fix Xbox live?

1up has some interesting news regarding XBox Live…


How Would You Fix XBL?
Microsoft soliciting ideas, feedback for future updates.

You don’t often hear corporations asking their consumers for suggestions, but Microsoft’s done it once before with Xbox Live and they’re doing it again. Andre Vrignaud of the Xbox Live Platform Strategy team is asking Xbox users to “think big” and develop ideas that could be implemented into the online service over an extended period of time — the example Vrignaud gives is five years.

“I’m doing some thinking around the future of ‘Xbox Live.’ I put Xbox Live in quotes only because Live will be stretching beyond the console this year with the release of Live on Windows, and we’re looking at a future where multiple devices will all be able to connect into the same service,”

I spotted this story on Digg, and some of the suggestions in the Digg comments were pretty good and some were really funny. The suggestions at Ozymandias.com were kind of tame so I will list some Digg comments that seem to stand out:

This was the first comment on the Digg listing and its actually pretty good stuff.

Comment by SucKerS4Me
It’s so obvious:


5) VIDEO CHAT WHILE GAMING to make all games camera enabled. People will love it or hate it, either way it would be welcomed by most.

4) WEB BROWSER, so we can do all the things we already do on our desktops, in our living rooms. I kinda feel left out since all the other systems have one.

3) BOARD GAMES like Monopoly, Scrabble, Pictionary, or Jeopardy. Add video chat and this would be all I do on my 360.

2) OPTIONAL EXPANDED PERSONAL PROFILES to help people get to know one another, if you choose to post your info. This could be set up much like myspace.com and would create allot of controversy and publicity but would probably be a formidable rival to myspace.

1) CHAT ROOMS / VIDEO CHAT ROOMS with small games or topics for discussion. People could make their own rooms under a preset list of categories like RPG, FIGHTING, FPS, SOCIAL, SCHOOL, SPORTS etc… Even if only 4 people can be visually displayed at once and the rest only named, this would be easy to create and welcomed. A system of who talks first would need to be created. or just use the keyboard. Or maybe only the 4 people in the video could be heard and the rest type. Either way i think this would be used and appreciated.

-KARAOKE would be sweet.
*-A CLAN BLADE is completely necessary for xbox.
-LARGE STORE to purchase games and accessories.
*-FREE STUFF is the best way to make new friends.

Some other suggestions…

Optimizing matchmaking (say a modified version of Bungie’s matchmaking system)…
An incentive in games to have a camera, like extra weapons to use online…
Allow user-created content (themes, homebrew arcade games, or user-made multimedia, Podcasts, Vidcasts, etc.)…

Make it available to PS3 users. I know they’d love it!

An “Over 30” GamerZone …With gambling…and hookers!

Talk about an upgrade to the service!

If you want to contribute some ideas go here:
Your Thoughts on the Future of Live?