Video: Digital Waterfalls

This is really a cool display.


Hattip: BoingBoing



  1. What if you took this technology and added flashing lights like the ones in this Time Fountain?

    Couldn’t you in fact create a water display screen?
    With the proper jetting and lighting you could even create a Hydro-Video display!

    The size would only be limited by the amount of hydraulics you can create. A Hover Dam size TV? But how would I fit that in my apartment? Hmmm… maybe it will BE my apartment.


  2. That is very cool!
    The Graphical Waterfall from the video is cool. It comes from a Professor at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee who actually invented it before computers. He used a circuit board and some valves.

    There is a piller style version that spells “HELLO” in all languages used to greet people at International events.


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