China Announces Massive Online ID Database

Via SlashDot:

China provides access to ID database to curb fraud

Anyone can now send a text message or visit the country’s population information center’s website, to check if the name and the ID number of a person’s identity card match. If they do match the ID cardholder’s picture also appears, said the Ministry, adding that no other information is available to ensure a citizen’s privacy is protected.

Completed at the end of 2006, China’s population information database, the world’s largest, contains personal information on 1.3 billion citizens.

Giving public accessing to the database is also designed to correct mistakes if an individual discovers that their name, number and picture don’t match.

Open Source Society, where not only does one have no privacy, you would have no right to privacy. How far could China (or the west) go with this?

A logical conclusion would be the eventual development of a live video and sound feed wherever a person is, at any given time (including the bathroom and in the boudoir). Anyone at all could view you at any time, and could do so with the click of a mouse. The viewer would of course be recorded as well.

Everything … open to everyone … all the time.