D-Wave Announces Quantum Computer Demo Success; Before the Demo Happens

D-Wave posted this press release:


February 13, 2007
World’s First Commercial Quantum Computer Demonstrated

New System Aims at Breakthroughs in Medicine, Business Applications and Expanded Use of Digital Computers

Venture-funded Canadian company shows new product applied to pattern-matching database search

VANCOUVER, B.C. or MT. VIEW, CA – February 13, 2007 – The world’s first commercially viable quantum computer was unveiled and demonstrated today in Silicon Valley by D-Wave Systems, Inc., a privately-held Canadian firm headquartered near Vancouver.


Ok that sounds cool.

But how did D-Wave travel in time to announce this “success” before the Demonstration actually took place?

Quantum time travel?

I’m not the only one asking hard questions.

The Quantum Pontiff has a very good post compiling many of the above mentioned “hard questions”, plus some I hadn’t thought of yet myself:
D-wave In D-news

I would hate to have to move the D-Wave link out of the “science” category and into the “Fakes and Frauds” category.

ARS Technica has more news here.

Here is some more good “Quantum” reading:
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Image Credit: CalTech