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  1. If you’ll allow me, here’s equal time, in another video from the other side at

    And there’s a lot more on the subject at our blog, Hands off the Internet.

    Check out our post where we point out that even Larry Lessig seems to wonder if asking the government to intervene is a bad idea — he thinks he was wrong to ask for Microsoft’s breakup last decade, and fears he will regret this one as well. Pretty interesting.


  2. It may be too late for “Hands Off” of the internet because government regulations and backroom Telco deals have been “Hands On” for several years now already. The Net neutrality folks want to “Undo” some of what is already in place.

    Just try to get t1 or better broadband to your residence (in the US). Internet Pipeline SLAs are already agreed to and have already been set up all over the place. Most of the common internet traffic is currently consigned to “scavenge” status right now.

    As the “Premium SLA” pipeline fills up with DRM music and video and telephone voice service, there will be less and less free bandwidth for the rest of us.

    Soon enough it will require a “Broadcast” license or some type of personal internet SLA, which you will pay a premium for, to post upstream content. Non SLA connections will slow to a trickle.

    The above may just be FUD. But I trust my Ouija board on this.

    We have a previous example of where government regulation of a resource in actuality removed the resource from the hands of the people, Radio Frequency. You are required to be licensed to use RF frequency, the lion’s share of RF is already entirely “hands off”, meaning … an individual can’t legally use it, at all, whatsoever.

    All in all I think we are mostly in agreement, but I think the video was a good production and is worth watching.


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