Profile: America’s worst president

Let’s take a little trip down memory lane, shall we?.


Profile in Incompetence; A Ten Part Series on the worst President in American History.

In this exclusive 10-part series, Investors Business Daily takes a hard look at Jimmy Carter’s administration and compares it to that of George W. Bush, which Carter has called the worst ever.

Installments will cover the economy, foreign policy, human rights, dealing with dictators, fighting Communism and the Democratic leadership in general during times of war.

The Republicans recent habit of adopting Democrat positions will not reflect well on them 30 years from now.

But as bad as the spending spree of the Republican controlled House, Senate, and Executive Branch may have seemed just a few short months ago (and make no mistake there was more pork than you can shake a stick at!), and as bad as George Bush’s poll ratings are currently (also really, really bad … in the proverbial tank so to speak!), I highly doubt that Carter will soon lose his much deserved title of the worst President in American History.

If ever.