Dumber and Dumber-er: Sheehan to Challenge Pelosi

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Sheehan Launches Pelosi Challenge
Anti-War Activist Cindy Sheehan Announces Plan to Challenge House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Sheehan, who turned 50 on Tuesday, stunned fellow anti-war activists in May by announcing that she would sell her 5-acre Crawford protest site. She said then that she felt her efforts had been in vain and that she had endured hatred and smear tactics from the left as well as from the right.

Cindy Sheehan bid farewell to her former “peace camp” near President Bush’s ranch and began a nearly two-week trek Tuesday toward Washington, D.C., with her sights set on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Sheehan, a Californian, officially announced that she intends to run as an independent against Pelosi in 2008 if the San Francisco congresswoman doesn’t move to impeach Bush by July 23, the day she expects to reach Washington.

“I know what Californians care about,” Sheehan said. “They don’t care about the ruling power elite.”

Just too funny!



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